Wall Tree

A couple of decades ago when my children were still young Suzanne and I decided to save a few bucks and get a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, figuring that the dealers would be willing to sell at a big discount since their inventory would be worthless the next day.

Well, we drove all over Albany and Berkeley and Richmond and every tree dealer had nothing—not even some spindly thing.


Suzanne and I just got back from a five-trip to Iceland. It was great. It was about 60º Fahrenheit and rained every day, which is just like Humboldt here in the winter, so the weather was no big deal.

But first, the passport adventure. For the third time in a row I allowed by passport to expire and discovered it only on the verge of going overseas. (Actually, I discovered one while my plane was landing in Mexico). I studied the internet, got all the papers and filled them out, and went to the passport agency on the Friday before we were to leave. If it had not gone right I would not have been able to go. But it did go right. After all, I have experience in last-minute passport acquisition!