House of Dead Toys

We were at a Chimerades convention in southern France when somebody convinced us that we just had to see this house. It was maybe a block away from the convention site. So we went.

Wait a minute—what is that?

dead toys 1.jpg


Oh my god, a charnel house of toy dolls! 

Dead Toys 2.JPG


Lots of them.

dead toys 3.jpg


While gawking at it, and frankly admiring it a bit. How could I not? This was obviously someone’s long term production and he had stuck with it.

An old man came out and was checking his mail, so I asked Philippe to come and translate. Another person with us said, “Isn’t that how it always starts? With an old man…” but we crossed over anyway. Close up it did not get any better.

dead toys 4.jpg


He told us that he had a large number of grandchildren like ten or more. Every Christmas he gave them all new dolls. But there was a condition. 

Holy crap, there are mounds of them!


But they had to turn in their old dolls—oh look, stuffed animals too.

dead toys 7.jpg


So Grandpa would take the old ones and string them up outside of his house.


“The house had been in movies,” he assured us.


I didn’t want to ask what movies—I am not a horror movie fan.

But a fan of this bizarre stuff?

You betcha!