Animal Cannibals

One of the wonderful things that Suzanne and I delighted in was eating Mexican food at small establishments which pass for restaurants in Oaxaca. It was not unusual for us to enter a restaurant, startling the women and kids there who were doing homework or watching tv. We’d get an ancient menu, totalmente en espanol, and order out food. The proprietoress would then leave for a few minutes and come back with a grocery bag with the components to our meal. It was always great—not far removed from home cooking. 

Most of the restaurants had homemade “logos” painted on their exteriors. I think we may have delighted in those as much as the food. There was one consistent scheme: they were pictures of a smiling animal serving its little brother steaming hot on a plate. We can to call them animal cannibals, and to collect pictures of them. 

Here are a few.