High Praise for King Arthur Pendragon

In 2005, King Arthur Pendragon was inducted into the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Hall of Fame. GAMA wrote:


“King Arthur Pendragon has seen publication in the past twenty-three years from Chaosium, Green Knight, and now White Wolf. The RPG draws upon the literary and historical material of the Matter of Britain to create a role-playing experience very much unlike that afforded by any other RPG. Play is anchored by chivalric concepts of nobility, compassion, and piety, as embodied in the Rules of the Round Table. This makes the game a favorite among school and even church groups open to RPG play. Over the years, products produced under the Pendragon banner have deservedly earned a reputation for stellar historical research and high literary quality, garnering praise from literary critics, gamers, and academics.


“Thematically, it is a triumph of Arthurian art, the roleplaying form’s equivalent of Tennyson’s The Idylls of the King or Wagner’s Parsifal — a brilliant personal engagement with one of the foundation myths of Western fantasy."

The Great Pendragon Campaign won the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming award at GenCon 2007. Learn more about gaming's most prestigious award here, and why the book was was awarded the honor here.


“Not-Quite-Historical RP, but still at its finest...”

“The game, in any edition, is an excellent experience...my longest continuous campaign ever was Pendragon... over 2 years of weekly 3 hour sessions, covering from 495 to 545 AD."

King Arthur Pendragon, all editions by William (“Aramis") Hostman 
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The Origins Awards, presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design, are presented for outstanding work in the game industry.

Best Roleplaying Rules of 1990
King Arthur Pendragon, 3rd Edition

Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1988
Tournament of Dreams

Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1986
The Pendragon Campaign

In 1999, Pyramid magazine named King Arthur Pendragon as one of The Millennium's Most Underrated Games. Editor Scott Haring said “Pendragon is one of the few RPGs that has a moral point of view ... and it's a great melding of game system with game world."

Fan Reviews

“With all due respect to other great past and present RPG manuals, King Arthur Pendragon is arguably the greatest read of them all, at least in my experience. To behold this game in all its glory is to see the art of role-playing at its pinnacle of development. It is, in my humble opinion, the Holy Grail of gaming.”

King Arthur Pendragon, 5th Edition by Brian Murphy
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“A genre game which focuses on one particular setting and does so exceptionally well. Arthurian Britain comes to life thanks to an elegant system emphasising character development."

King Arthur Pendragon, 5th Edition by Mike Thorn | Style: 4, Substance: 5
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“The 5th edition of Greg Stafford's distinctive masterpiece of Arthurian Knights does not disappoint.”

King Arthur Pendragon, 5th Edition by Mr. Jack | Style: 4, Substance: 4
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“I highly recommend King Arthur Pendragon to anyone who wants an Arthurian setting, as well as to anyone who wants a low technology, low magic setting that allows for heroic combat. The traits and passions make Pendragon ideal for beginning role players who want some guidance for staying in character.

King Arthur Pendragon, 4th Edition by Lisa Padol | Style: 3, Substance: 5
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King Arthur Pendragon...has been out on the market for quite some time, but deserves a re-visit due to its legendary appeal and excellent roleplaying potential.

King Arthur Pendragon, 4th Edition by Edwyn Kumar | Style: 4, Substance: 5
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King Arthur Pendragon is the game, the one, the only game for playing Arthur. If you are a fan of the genre get this game, do not stop, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

King Arthur Pendragon, 4th Edition by Brand (Ambros) Robins | Style: 5, Substance: 5
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King Arthur Pendragon is very well designed for fantasy play if you are willing to tweak the magic system a little. The system is simple, elegant, and well designed. The elements of historical Europe that have been included would enrich most medieval fantasy settings.

King Arthur Pendragon, 4th Edition by Jay Triplett | Style: 4, Substance: 4
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King Arthur Pendragon is just about the Alpha and the Omega of Arthurian role-playing; while it may not have too many applications outside of an Arthurian setting, it does have a good number of mechanics that you could cannibalize for another game. If you are a big fan of King Arthur, though, then is the first, last and only game you'll ever need to play a knight in King Arthur's court.

King Arthur Pendragon, 4th Edition by Darren MacLennan | Style: 5, Substance: 5
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King Arthur Pendragon is the best game you can find that is set for King Arthur's court anywhere. King Arthur Pendragon, 4th Edition captures everything about the Legends and Myths of Legendary Britain wonderfully. As it's heading says, it is truely “Epic Roleplaying in Legendary Britain.”

King Arthur Pendragon, 4th Edition by Elton Robb | Style: 5, Substance: 5
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[The Great Pendragon Campaign] ....is one of the best campaign books I have ever seen, brimming with useful stuff of every kind. It certainly is the biggest campaign book I have ever seen, and it is very well made in all regards.

The Great Pendragon Campaign by Bobo | Style: 5, Substance: 4
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The high points of this book are the gamemastering tips from G. Stafford and the long adventures that focus on different themes (love, customs, Morgana's deceits...)

The Great Pendragon Campaign by J. Vallejo | Style: 3, Substance: 3
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“I've been playing RPGs for most of my life, starting in second grade with Dungeons & Dragons. I quickly got into Legend of the Five Rings when I discovered it in middle school, since then it had been my favorite system. Slowly King Arthur Pendragon is replacing it as my favorite."

King Arthur Pendragon, 5th Edition by W. Ashcraft | 5 Stars, “Love it"
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“This game is great. Like a fine wine, it has only gotten better with age. It is a classic. Enough said. If you have any interest at all in the Arthurian mythos or knights and the middle-ages in general, check this out. You won't regret it."

King Arthur Pendragon, 5th Edition by James | 5 Stars, “Classic"
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