The All-New “Book of the Warlord” now available!


I'm very pleased to announce the Book of the Warlord is here. The downloadable PDF version are available now and we're expecting the POD versions any day now. Get the PDFs here.

Although it's very early, the book has already garnered two 5-star reviews:

Roberto M. says: The usual high-quality book from Greg Stafford's mind.
A highly modular book, where every GM will find something useful to enrich his/her campaign. 
I recommend it!" 5 Stars

Todd R. says: “An excellent sourcebook for Pendragon 5.1. It's a wonderful source for "scaling up" the game to play as powerful Lords (and their officers), and expands the scope of the game beyond the default "adventuring knights" setup. A must have for players and GM's of Pendragon.

For non-Pendragon fans, it represent an excellent source for an early medieval kingdom. How the Barons and Dukes are organized and relate to each other, how exactly various Counties are organized, and the effort necessary to run a domain are all in there. The tables and rules are easily translated to any system, but it's really the information and knowledge in the book that gives you an in-depth understanding of how a kingdom is organized, and how it's various power players and families interact with each other. It's truly useful for an medieval/fantasy role-playing game." 5 Stars

Thanks, guys, for the kind words. We're working had to produce the finest King Arthur Pendragon supplements I've seen yet and you can help us improve the game (and spread the word about it) by posting your own reviews to DriveThru RPG,, and