Issaries, Inc.


Issaries, Inc. is a licensing house for games and other properties based upon Glorantha, the mythic world.

Issaries, Inc. was founded in 1998, and incorporated in 1999 through the blessings of Issaries, the Gloranthan god of trade and mercantilism; the legal powers of the state of California; but most importantly, with the support of loyal fans around the globe who donated money by joining the Glorantha Trading Association (GTA). My thanks to this tribe of loyal Gloranthan fans is deep and never-ending. 

Issaries, Inc.,
c/o Greg Stafford 
1050 10th St. Arcata, CA 95521
Phone: 707 826 7631

Games currently licensed are:

HeroQuest, game system, by the noted designer Robin D. Laws. It is published by Moon Design. This is an elegant story-telling game that, with its scalability and keyword-defined characters, takes roleplaying to the next level. 

RuneQuest, also published by Moon Design.

King of Dragon Pass, a computer game from A Sharp.

Glorantha and the Glorantha Trading Association are trademarks of Issaries, Inc.
HeroQuest, Hero Wars and Issaries are registered trademarks of Issaries, Inc.

Fan Materials Policy

Over the last three and a half decades many fans have published fanzines, web sites and other creative expressions of their own contributions to Glorantha. I am flattered by the attention and gratified to have provoked the mythic and creative energies of other people. Issaries encourages this and all fan support.

I am confident that everyone with such interests wants to do it legally, ethically and honorably. This entails the protection of the IP (Intellectual Property) rights to Glorantha that are important to me, the company and its publishing future. Thus Issaries has instituted a Fan Policy to provide guidelines and keep everything legit and upright. To learn more, please contact me.