Games Set in the World of Glorantha

GLORANTHA CAN BE EXPERIENCED in any ways. The world was introduced through a number of board games, starting with White Bear & Red Moon in 1975, but found it's ultimate expression in a number of roleplaying systems, including one interactive computer game, King of Dragon Pass, that has found new life on mobile devices. Although the world itself is system-agnostic, there are two RPGs that were developed especially for Glorantha. Here's a brief overview of those systems, as well as King of Dragon Pass.


HeroQuest is the innovative, dynamic, and flexible rules engine by Robin Laws, suitable for play in any genre or setting. It presents a simple and flexible system that allows Game Masters to make decisions the way authors and screenwriters do when creating novels, TV episodes and movies. HeroQuest encourages creative input from your players, resulting in an exciting, unpredictable narrative created through group collaboration.

Its resolution methods and scalable character levels make it equally suited for any genre, from epic Gloranthan fantasy to gritty occult investigations.

Completely rewritten by Robin Laws, this new edition opens and details running the core system for any genre.



Created in 1978 by Steve Perrin, Ray Turney and friends, RuneQuest is the classic roleplaying game of fantastic adventure with heroes and magic.

Now in a brand new edition, RuneQuest is updated and expanded by Pete Nash and Lawrence Whitaker. Everything you need for fabulous roleplaying adventure is contained in a single volume that has been designed to support any genre of fantasy. The game retains all the key concepts and hallmarks of its earlier versions, but requires no familiarity with the previous editions.

In RuneQuest your characters are defined by their culture, career, community, background, comrades, skills, magic and cults. Progression is through skill advancement – not levels or similarly abstract concepts. As your characters adventure and quest, their capabilities improve and their relationships deepen and strengthen. Players and Games Masters have complete flexibility over what can be achieved, and the way characters develop is entirely dependent on choices players make, depending on their characters’ aspirations and motivations.

Games Masters receive a huge amount of support through the RuneQuest rules. All the concepts and game mechanics are explained clearly with options and considerations explored and presented for ease of use. You need only this rulebook for many years of exciting and imaginative play.


King of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass is a unique game for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, set in Glorantha (world of the games HeroQuest and RuneQuest). It blends interactive stories and resource management into an epic saga of conflict, magic, and community.

The original version ran on Windows and Macintosh. We streamlined game play, added dozens of new stories, and reworked the interface for touch.

King of Dragon Pass won the award for Best Visual Arts at the second annual Independent Games Festival. You can buy original artwork that was used in the making of the game. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and mouse pads are also available. And you can listen to the music!

It’s an indie game that’s stood the test of time. Start your own magical story now!