Welcome to My World...

GLORANTHA IS MY FANTASY WORLD, my original creation. I first began writing about it in 1966, in my first year of college. It became the focus of much of my game design and publication. It is my evolving artistic project in the art of documenting a fantasy world. It's been an ongoing labor of love for 48 years, as I write this (December, 2014).

The world of Glorantha has been the campaign setting for several roleplaying games, including Runequest and HeroQuest (both “old-school" pen-and-paper roleplaying games) as well as King of Dragon Pass (for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone). You can learn more about these games here. 

Most information about Glorantha can be found at the official Glorantha website, but here's a glimpse of the world for newcomers first discovering it for the first time.


Glorantha is the epic cross between the Iliad, Gilgamesh, and the Bhagavad Gita with the sword and sorcery of Robery E. Howard and the fantasy of Lord Dunsany.

Unlike most fantasy settings, Glorantha draws its inspiration for the ancient world. It has far more to do with Babylon, Classical Greece, Ancient China, Hybrid and Lankhmar that does with medieval Europe, Le Mort d'Arthur. pr the Hundred Years Wars. Its heroes are Achilles, Conan, Gilgamesh and Rostum, not Galahad, Lancelot or Roland.

Glorantha is the technicolor cure for bland pseudo-medieval generic fantasy.


World Structure*

Glorantha is a magical world, not a planet floating in space. Its universe obeys other laws than those of terrestrial physics. The Inner World, the world of the mortals, is shaped like a huge cube of earth floating in a limitless sea of water. Two major continents, Genertela and Pamaltela, and a myriad of minor islands rise above the surface of the limitless sea.

The sky World lies beyond the dome of the sky. At night, the stars show where the magical denizens of the Sky World peep through the Sky Done to guard their followers below. Similarly, the Underworld is populated by immortal creatures, as well as by evil dreams and the bt the souls of the dead and unborn.

The Sun rises from the east each morning, then passes over the air and across the sky to set each evening in the west. It then travels beneath the seas and the earth through the Underworld, and finally up to the eastern lands of dawn.

The world is populated by magical entities who personify fundamental powers and cosmos truths, spirits of diverse origin, power and benevolence, and feared manifestations of Chaos (foul-seeming and otherwise). Many of these being are alive in every sense, but many are not. Most people live only in the mundane world, content to let priests, shamans and wizards protect them. But the influence of the magical world is always there.

* From Guide to Glorantha, Vol. I, by Moon Design Publications.