All About Me

My full name is Francis Gregory Stafford.

I’m Greg Stafford the gamer guy, not the Greg Stafford the JW guy or Greg Stafford the football guy. 

I am a Gamer.

Not computer gaming — real gaming, the kind you sit down at a table to play with actual real people who are sitting across from you, and you can see them and hear them and even throw a half a cookie at them and it’ll hit them because they are, you know, right there. I have been playing games all my life. I have been working in the gaming industry since 1975.

This section is a collection of miscellaneous bits put together for the amusement of myself, my family and friends. And as a place to post miscellaneous information about ongoing projects and notices so other people can find them. And as a place to compile other online links about me, of interest to me, or that are related to my interests. And maybe as a beacon so some of the long-lost friends who I imagine wonder what I am up to can find me.


  • 1987 Origins Award Hall of Fame

The Stafford Timeline

This is just the crudest of lists. I will be replacing this eventually with more details, both in list and narrative form.

1948, Feb 9: Born in Hartford Connecticut, Saint Mary's Hospital

1966, June: Graduated from Arlington High School. 

1966, Summer: Hitchhike to Los Angeles, on-the-street-hippy. 

1966, September: Start college at Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin. 

1966, circa November: Write the first Gloranthan material.

1974: Start The Chaosium, based on a Tarot Reading

1975: Publish my first professional game, White Bear & Red Moon.

1977: Publication of Nomad Gods

1978: Publication of RuneQuest

1981: Publication of Elric board game.

1981: Publication of Thieves’ World game supplement.

1984: License RuneQuest to Avalon Hill, aka “The Great Mistake." 

1985: Publication of King Arthur Pendragon

1986: Publication of Ghost Busters by West End Games

1989: Publication of Prince Valiant, The Storytelling Game

1992: Publication of King of Sartar

1998: Depart Chaosium, Inc. Found new company, Issaries, to publish Gloranthan games

1999: Issaries is incorporated as Issaries, Inc.

2000: Publication of Hero Wars and Glorantha

2002, January: Start job as manager of Albany Aquarium.

2003, January: Graduate from college. Complete BS program at New College of California, degree in Comparative Religion.

2003, January: End job as manager of Albany Aquarium.

2003, February: Complete CELTA certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

2003: Publication of HeroQuest

2003: Move to Oaxaca, Mexico with Suzanne. Teach English at Escuela de Berlitz

2004, November: Return to US, begin couch surfing while seeking jobs and permanent residence

2007, July: Move out of Berkeley. 

2007, August: Move to Arcata 

2007, current: Living in Arcata, current